Indie artists have doubled their share of Napster’s top 100


Napster is the latest music-streaming service putting out some end-of-year statistics. However, it has chosen a different topic to the usual ‘most popular artists / tracks’ DSP data dumps.

Napster has been looking at its data for independent artists, and says that in 2019, 33% of its top 100 most-streamed artists were independent. That’s up from 15% in 2015.

Napster reckons that this says something positive about the people listening on its service. “We’re thrilled about this data and believe the trend shows Napster has a unique user base looking to dig deeper into music and are willing to explore outside of the mainstream,” as its director of label relations and licensing Keola Kama put it.

“The rise of indie artists on Napster also demonstrates our commitment to offering programming for emerging and independent artists with the same level of promotion such as above the fold programming and bespoke marketing campaigns usually only afforded to well-established commercially successful artists.”

Today, British independent body AIM has welcomed the data:

Stuart Dredge

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