Report: games industry revenue grew to $120.1bn in 2019


We’ll have to wait a few months for the official IFPI figures on the global recorded-music market’s growth in 2019. However, for the games world, Nielsen subsidiary SuperData has issued its early estimates for global revenue last year. It’s big, too: 4% growth to $120.1bn in 2019 for games globally – figures that include console, PC and mobile games, but also esports, AR and VR revenues, according to VentureBeat’s writeup.

Mobile gaming remains the giant of the sector: it generated $64.4bn of revenues in 2019 according to SuperData, which is well ahead of the $29.6bn of revenue for PC games, and $15.4bn for consoles.

Meanwhile, the biggest individual game in 2019 was Fortnite, with $1.8bn of revenue, even though this was actually down on the $2.4bn it generated in 2018. Meanwhile, SuperData has reiterated its estimates for the ‘game video content’ audience (i.e. online videos featuring gaming), suggesting that it was 944 million viewers globally in 2019, and will pass the one billion mark in 2020.


Photo by Ales Nesetril on Unsplash

Stuart Dredge

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