19 TikTok stars get together for #hyephouse ‘collab house’ in LA


You don’t have to be a boomer to think that the idea of sharing a house with 19 TikTok stars has the makings of a living hell. But in the case of the Hype House in Los Angeles, it’s part of a burgeoning social-media trend.

The New York Times has explained what’s going on: actually, only a few TikTokers live in the house, but it’s become a hub for a much larger group. “Four of the group’s 19 members live in the house full time; several others keep rooms to crash in when they are in town. And all day long, a stream of influential young internet stars come by to pay homage to the new guard,” as it explained.

Videos with the hashtag #hypehouse have already zoomed to 100m views on TikTok, while the house’s group account already has 4.1 million followers and 64.7m likes. “Hype House doesn’t take a cut of anyone’s revenue,” explained the NYT. “The house does have strict rules, however. Creators can have friends over, but it is not a party house. If you break something, you have 15 days to replace it. And if you want to be a part of the group, you need to churn out content daily.” It’s an interesting story, and perhaps there’ll be mileage at some point for someone to create this kind of ‘collab house’ with a music focus…

Written by: Stuart Dredge