Sonos CEO to testify about big-tech battle at antitrust hearing


We reported yesterday on Sonos’ decision to sue Google for patent infringement, while accusing Amazon (but not suing it) with similar allegations. We noted that regulators would be interested in the case, and very quickly it was announced that Sonos CEO Patrick Spence will be testifying on 17 January to a hearing by the US House Antitrust Subcommittee, as part of its ongoing investigation into large technology companies.

One of those companies is getting its response in early though: Amazon’s devices and services boss Dave Limp has given an interview to The Verge addressing Sonos’ claims. He was keen to stress the positive aspects of Amazon and Sonos’ relationship. “If you called Patrick right now, I would hope he would tell you that our partnership is healthy. That’s what I believe it is. So what the story may have said and how I feel about the partnership, I think, diverge somewhat,” said Limp. He also defended Amazon’s Echo devices on the patents question. “I’m confident that we did not infringe on their IP. We built our solutions from a clean sheet of paper. We were the first person out with a connected, voice-enabled speaker. And that was done from a clean sheet of paper. So I’m as confident as I can be.”

Stuart Dredge

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