Spotify criticised over Nazi-glorifying playlist titles


Spotify made a well-documented misstep with its attempt to introduce a policy on ‘hateful conduct’ of artists, but the streaming service has won more praise for its uncompromising approach to keeping hateful content – neo-Nazi music etc – off its platform. Now, however, Spotify is facing criticism after extremists found a way to promote their views on its platform not through the music itself, but the titles of the playlists it’s arranged in.

The Times of Israel has the story, reporting that there are a number of user-created playlists with anti-Semitic and/or Holocaust-denying titles. “The playlists are created by users and don’t necessarily have anti-Semitic content beyond the title and art. But they are searchable and available across the platform for any of the service’s over 200 million subscribers worldwide,” it reported. Oh, and: “Over 110 publicly viewable profiles are also registered on Spotify under ‘Adolf Hitler,’ with dozens of others listed under other variations on the Nazi leader’s name.”

In response, Spotify has reiterated its policy of removing music listed by the German Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons, but it seems like it may need to start pro-actively monitoring and removing hateful playlist titles too.

Stuart Dredge

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