Since acquiring Pandora last year, SiriusXM has tested a few way that the two companies can work together, like turning some of its talk-radio shows into podcasts for Pandora. Now there may be a deeper integration on the way: a bundled, discounted subscription that includes both SiriusXM’s satellite-radio service, and Pandora’s streaming service.

SiriusXM and Pandora’s chief product officer and head of technology Chris Phillips has been talking to TechCrunch about the ongoing tests of cross-promotions “including those aimed at both Pandora and SiriusXM subscribers that offered discounts if you sign up for the other service”, with Phillips describing this as a “formal study” to figure out what price and messaging will work best. There’s even a hint that SiriusXM is considering whether the two services should share a brand (Phillips says it is “looking at what those opportunities might be”).

As we reported earlier this week, SiriusXM ended 2019 with 34.9 million subscribers, while at the end of September (its Q4 figures aren’t out yet) Pandora had 6.3 million paying subscribers, and 63.1 million active listeners overall.

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