8tracks founder reveals Google acquisition offer from 2014


Veteran streaming service 8tracks shut down at the end of 2019, with its founder David Porter publishing a blog post outlining the reasons for its demise. Now he’s given an interview to New York magazine offering some more details – including an acquisition offer when 8tracks was still on an upward curve.

“At the end of 2014, Google tried to buy us; we turned that down because it seemed like we had an A Round lead on an investor, and the offer was more of an acqui-hire,” said Porter. He now has mixed feelings about the decision. “It wouldn’t have been an amazing outcome but personally it would’ve been good. Maybe I could put a down payment on somewhere in San Francisco, but it’s a mixed bag. Under those circumstances at that point in time, given what I knew, I still think it was the right decision. Everything was up and to the right, it looked like we were getting new funding in, there was no indication whatsoever that we’d see a dropoff. I felt like we were sufficiently differentiated in the market.”

Stuart Dredge

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