Radiohead gather their archives in a ‘Public Library’ website


“ has always been a) infuriatingly uninformative and b) surprising. The most surprising thing to do next, therefore, is to suddenly become incredibly informative,” explained an announcement on Radiohead’s website yesterday. “So that is what we have done.” They certainly have.

The band have launched a ‘Radiohead Public Library’, which they describe as “an online resource containing videos, music, artwork, websites, merchandise, and assorted ephemera”. Organised by album, it’s a hotch-potch of historical content that’s full of gems for fans – complete with an interface that encourages browsing and stumbling upon items, rather than searching for specifics.

It’s one of the better attempts at a digital archive for an artist that we’ve seen, and the addition of a downloadable library card that fans can customise with their own photo is a nice touch too. The key will be ensuring that the library is regularly updated with new, interesting material from the archives, so that fans have plenty of reasons to come back.


Image by Daniele Dalledonne (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Written by: Stuart Dredge