Apple’s George Ergatoudis offers hindsight on some past views


Sheffield newspaper The Star isn’t a regular source for music-industry news, but its interview with Apple Music’s head of music, UK and Ireland George Ergatoudis (he was in the city to accept an honorary doctorate at Sheffield University) has some interesting moments.

“As far as I’m aware in the UK, and probably I’m going to eat my words, there are no artists left that really don’t understand. There are some that might not be utterly happy with streaming, but frankly they’ve realised this is the future of music consumption and they have to be on board,” said Ergatoudis, who also offered hindsight on some of his past public statements. Like the one about Apple being a ‘disruptive monster’ in 2015, when he was still working for BBC Radio. “You say things at the time in fear, with the lack of knowledge. That was coming from my perspective at the time – a very bold, big statement. It’s not that I regret it, but it’s just that I don’t think that has come to pass at all, and in fact the rise of streaming has been phenomenal for music fans,” he says now.

Ergatoudis has also rethought his views on the likely lifespan of the album format. “Apple really strongly believes in albums as a body of work, and we make sure we promote and represent that more clearly than Spotify does.” Oof.

Stuart Dredge

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