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Prajakta Kohli is one of the emerging wave of young Indian YouTubers growing their audiences on the video service. Her channel MostlySane has nearly 4.5 million subscribers, and she’s just launched an original series called ‘Pretty Fit’, which is about getting fit by doing some unusual non-gym activities – tilling land, harvesting sugarcane etc. Anyway, her guest for the first episode is one of India’s biggest musical stars, Neha Kakkar. “Neha and I have one thing in common, both of us have bathed buffaloes with our bare hands!” as the video’s description puts it.

The episode has been watched more than 1.9m times already since its release yesterday. And no wonder: Kakkar really is a superstar of YouTube’s developing music economy. Her music has generated 764m plays on YouTube in the last 28 days according to the platform’s public stats, and more than 8.7bn over the last year. She’s currently the fifth most popular artist on YouTube according to its weekly chart.

‘Pretty Fit’ (which features other guest celebs in its other episodes) is a good example of the collaborations that are happening between Indian artists and influencers, on a platform that had 265 million monthly active users in India by April 2019, and likely more now.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

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