In certain social-media circles, it’s been a familiar sight to see people sighing wistfully about how much they miss Vine – even though that app’s short-video creativity is alive and well on TikTok. Still, there’s been some excitement about the fact that Vine’s original co-founder Dom Hofmann was working on a new app for sharing six-second videos, called Byte.

Two years after he announced it, the app is finally here for iOS and for Android. “A new looping video app,” is its tagline on the app stores. “We’re bringing back 6-second looping videos and the community that loved them… explore what’s loved by the community, handpicked by our human editors, or just served up at random. there are lots of ways to discover surprising new personalities, voices, and moments.” So, the idea of an internal social network remains the key.

TechCrunch offers some details around the launch too: like plans to “soon launch a pilot of its partner program for offering monetization options to people proving popular on Byte”. According to Hofmann: “We’ll be starting with a revenue share + supplementing with our own funds”.

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