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We’re already looking forward to May, and the annual Eurovision Song Contest (aka ‘The Day When Non-Europeans Log On To Twitter And Wonder What The Hell Is Going On’). But while we wait, there’s another pan-European song contest that won’t be *quite* as glitzy, but is just as interesting.

The AI Song Contest is a competition for European teams of musicians, artists, scientists and developers, organised by Dutch broadcaster VPRO. “Various European teams will compete attempting to create the next Song Contest hit with the help of artificial intelligence. Can computers blow us away with their creative power?” as the blurb puts it.

The songs will be published online from 10 April, with a panel of judges plus ‘the international audience’ able to vote for their favourites. “The AI Song Contest translates the rather complicated matter of AI into the universal language of music to make it more accessible to the general public,” being the hope. VPRO is making a YouTube series about a Dutch team’s entry to the contest, as part of the event.

The judges include Jukedeck founder Ed Newton-Rex (whose company was bought by Bytedance last year) and former AI resident on Google’s Magenta project Anna Huang.

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