Deezer study suggests that album listening is on the wane


Streaming service Deezer has revealed some of the results from a survey of 8,000 people in the US, France, Germany and Brazil about their music-listening habits. Among its claims: that 54% of respondents say they are ‘listening to fewer albums than 5-10 years ago’. Nearly 40% said they prefer playlists, while one in 10 ‘feel that artists don’t make albums like they used to’. That said, respondents do listen to an average of five albums a month, with Brazilians most inclined to play albums and the French and German the least inclined.

More worryingly for artists who feel they have crafted a beautiful body of work, only 36% of respondents listen to the album in chronological order. Interestingly, pop is the genre most likely to have someone listen all the way through to an album (39% of respondents), just ahead of rock (38%), which is interesting given – both in terms of creation and consumption – pop has historically been about the shock and sizzle of the single whereas rock has been about the deep dive into the album. Thereafter, there is a noticeable slump in full album listening for other genres, with R&B (20%), rap (19%) and hip-hop (18%) way down the pecking order, leaving gospel (13%) right at the very bottom. Why Deezer would choose to separate out rap and hip-hop in its genre classifications is unclear.

Written by: Eamonn Forde