There is a lot going on in this TikTok video featuring musician Nicky Jam and YouTuber Teala Dunn: a motorbike chase, a fight scene, drones and a daring, tracksuited car-park-clambering escape.

Published through Sony’s official TikTok profile (that’s big Sony, the overall company, rather than its Sony Music subsidiary) it claims to be “the most epic TikTok ever made”, although with 49 likes at the time of writing, it’s a good thing that it’s also been published through Jam’s profile (where it has 37.3k likes) and through Dunn’s profile (where it has 40k likes). The video is part of Sony’s ‘Collaboration Series’, and is promoting Jam’s appearance in the film ‘Bad Boys for Life’.

Meanwhile, readers who remember Michael Jackson’s ‘Making of Thriller’ documentary back in the 1980s – a 48-minute doc about the making of a 14-minute music video – may appreciate the fact that Sony’s TikTok clip has its own nearly-four-minute ‘Behind the scenes of the world’s most epic TikTok’ video on YouTube. If only they’d chosen another popular social-music-videos platform, we could make an excellent ‘Making of Triller’ joke here. Ah well.

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