In February 2019, Music Ally reported on a new investment fund being created by former BMG exec Zach Katz, working with manager Scooter Braun, cryptocurrency firm Ripple, and Something Gold boss Shara Senderoff.

Raised In Space Enterprises would be looking to invest between $500k and $5m apiece in music/tech startups. In November last year, the fund led a $6.7m funding round for data-focused startup Audigent.

Now Katz and Senderoff have been talking to MBW about what they’re up to with their mission to not just invest in music/tech startups, but to help those startups to truly understand the music industry’s needs. “We’ve looked at over 700 companies over the last eleven months, and we’ve invested into five,” said Senderoff. Audigent is one of those, but she also talked about a second, Artie, a gaming-focused startup. “Artie’s tech can be used to bring interactive characters to life so that a fan can have a one-to-one conversational experience interacting with their favourite music artists, celebrities and IP,” she said. “Imagine an avatar of your favourite artist, that looks photo-real, popping up in your living room, that shoots the shit with you. The platform can allow you to play games, learn more about the artist, preview new music and interact with their mascot or brand extension in a manner far more immersive than a music video.”

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