Spotify ‘Discovered On’ listener count is now for artists’ eyes only


Spotify has made a small change to its desktop application that is causing some ripples of discontent among its community of playlist creators. The change is on the ‘Discovered On’ section within artists’ profiles on Spotify, which shows which playlists are the top sources of people discovering those artists’ music. Until now, the playlists were accompanied by ‘listeners’ counts showing how many listeners each playlist had generated for the artist. Now the playlists are still shown, but the listener counts are not. “Most likely to discourage independent playlist marketing and trading,” suggested Humble Angel Records founder (and formerly Playlists·net founder and WMG exec) Kieron Donoghue on Twitter yesterday.

Spotify confirmed the change on its support forums. “We can confirm that the listeners count under Discovered On has been removed on the desktop app with the latest update for Mac OS. In the future, this info will only be available to artists and won’t be shared publicly,” explained a moderator. “However, you can still see the artist’s monthly listeners on their artist profile.”

Written by: Stuart Dredge