Techstars Music reveals its 2020 cohort of music/tech startups


US music/tech accelerator Techstars Music has announced its latest cohort of startups, who’ll be undergoing its 13-week program this spring.

The 10 startups are: Audigo Labs (which is making a ‘pocket-sized recording studio’ for musicians); Delta AI (which helps companies track and respond to deepfake content online); Elastic Audio (an audio engine for digital creatives and game developers); Entertainment Intelligence (an analytics startup targeting music and other entertainment firms); Fanaply (a startup creating ‘blockchain-enabled, interactive digital collectibles’ for music, sports and entertainment clients); Fansifter (a live-focused analytics platform for music, sports and entertainment events); Splashmob (a firm building tools for venues and artists to ‘interact with and engage their audiences in real-time and at-scale, during live events’); Strangeloop Studios (an audio/visual firm that’s worked with lots of artists on their live shows, but which is also ‘owning and operating virtual artists in partnership with the world’s leading musicians and visual designers’); TribeXR (a training startup whose first product is an online school for DJs); and Ulo (which is working with artists to create pop-up immersive experiences in the real world, blending art and tech).

Techstars has also announced that its past startups have raised more than $75m in follow-on funding, with a combined valuation of nearly $350m.

Stuart Dredge

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