James Blunt launches audio e-cards campaign for Valentine’s Day


Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so if you have a partner (or an object of your affections) how are you planning to celebrate? Chocolates and flowers? Furry handcuffs and a glint in the eye? A brisk lecture about Valentine’s Day being a cynical creation of the greetings-card industry? Pfft.

All of these things (especially the last one, you grump!) pale in comparison to an audio e-card from musician James Blunt, the man behind ‘You’re Beautiful’ and a steadily-growing back catalogue of excellent Twitter-troll mockery. His label, Atlantic UK, has commissioned WMG’s Firepit Technology team to create the activation ahead of Valentine’s Day.

People can browse the e-cards, with audio messages recorded by Blunt ranging from ‘I think you’re suffering from a lack of Vitamin Me’ to ‘Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten I see’ (via ‘F*** February 14th, I love you every day’ and ‘Happy Valentine’s Day to my single friend. Don’t worry, James Blunt thinks you’re beautiful’), then send them to whoever they like’s email address.

A fun campaign, with the by-product of reminding fans to sign up to Blunt’s mailing list – for themselves, we mean. Signing your Valentine up for an artist’s mailing list without asking them first would be distinctly unromantic…

Stuart Dredge

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