No Pain, no gain: T-Pain’s website takedown and takeover


Rapper T-Pain posted a curious tweet earlier in the week. He claimed that someone had launched the f— website (we can’t put the full title in here as some spam filters don’t like profanities), perhaps to mock or troll him. So he decided to do something else. “I simply purchased it from them and now all the profit comes to me. Got it? So buy it up!! I’d appreciate it,” he tweeted, adding in a cry-laugh emoji for good measure.

Clicking on the link leads you to a site that has a scrolling backdrop of screengrabs from Twitter of people slating T-Pain, before promoting a range of t-shirts with slogans including ‘F*** T-Pain’ and ‘Auto Tune Sucks’. That showed the trolls, right? Well, not all of them: T-Pain’s mentions on Twitter are full of people applauding his ingenuity, but also some who think it’s all a prank and that T-Pain owned the site all along. Either way, it’s a pretty good wheeze: T-Pain has some new merch to sell, and he has gone far beyond his 1.2 million Twitter followers with a campaign that’s a bit like the ‘Mean Tweets’ segment on US chat-show Jimmy Kimmel Live. But turned into a retail opportunity.


Image by by Will Folsom (CC BY 2.0

Eamonn Forde

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