Boomy is the startup that’s helping anyone (non-musicians included) to create AI-generated music, and then release it on streaming services.

According to the company’s latest update, its users have created more than 370,000 original songs in the last year, with 70% of those people never having made a song before. The update also explains Boomy’s latest features, some of which were previewed in CEO Alex Mitchell’s pitch at the NY:LON Connect conference last month. They include a new ‘Rap Beats’ style, with filters (settings) including ‘Boomy Bap’, ‘Drum Machine’ and ‘Housified’.

Boomy has also improved its ‘Advanced’ mode where people create their own styles by tweaking settings like speed, intensity and new options drum density and harmonic density. They can also choose specific bass and melody instruments for the AI to use.

Boomy is also expanding its distribution options for the music created with its system. “Thanks to recent updates, we’re now distributing your releases directly to social networks like TikTok and Facebook/Instagram as well as all major streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube/YouTube Music,” the company explained. Mitchell added a note of reassurance for the industry. “Where boomy was initially met with fear… I feel people are starting to see real opportunity.”

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