Songtrust president Molly Neuman has been one of the key champions for diversity and inclusion in the music industry. In an op-ed piece for Variety, she has outlined some ways she thinks the music industry can do better over the coming years. It includes a rousing call to rightsholders across the industry, and an accompanying target.

“If 10 men can write 23% of the top hits across seven years, so can 10 women. By 2030, industry-wide A&R at majors and indies can commit to gender balance in their performing artists, songwriters and producers,” wrote Neuman, who also promised that Songtrust will conduct an annual survey of the 300,000 songwriters who use its platform and publish the results “to distribute their perspective on how positive change for representation can be accelerated”.

Neuman also called for the industry to “launch and/or provide more vocal and consistent support” for groups and initiatives like She Is the Music, Keychange, Women In The Mix, and Women’s Audio Mission, but also to think about how gender inequality intersects with other topics including race, class and identity. “This movement is about establishing equal opportunity for all within music, and beyond music. While we’re tackling representation in music, we need to tackle it at its core, and that means addressing the inequalities for all.”

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