Sonos is launching a new app in June, alongside new software for its speakers. Well, some of its speakers.

The app and software is called ‘Sonos S2’, and it will be compatible with many existing Sonos devices and all its new ones. However, some of the company’s older hardware will not support it – what The Verge describes as “the fork in the road where older, legacy hardware will be left behind and stop receiving new features”.

This follows January’s news that Sonos was planning to end support for older speakers, and the subsequent backlash and semi u-turn. “[R]est assured that come May, when we end new software updates for our legacy products, they will continue to work as they do today,” said CEO Patrick Spence then. “We are not bricking them, we are not forcing them into obsolescence, and we are not taking anything away.”

The company said it will continue to issue bug fixes and security patches but older devices will not get new features. That’s what the S2 software will be delivering for newer speakers: higher-resolution audio, for example, and “more connected and personal experiences”.

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