Startup Landmrk launches ‘Virtual Tours’ feature for artists


We’ve written about British startup Landmrk regularly over the past couple of years: its platform enables artists (and other kinds of brands too) to create virtual ‘treasure hunts’ that encourage fans to explore the real world to find digital content. Obviously, there are some issues with the ‘explore the real world’ aspect right now, what with self-isolation and city-wide lockdowns due to coronavirus. But Landmrk is launching a new feature that aims to help artists whose tours have been nixed by the current outbreak. It’s called ‘Virtual Tours’, and the idea is to use Landmrk’s platform to “keep the metaphorical tour bus on the road” by releasing location-targeted content to match each date on cancelled tours.

“As the tour rolls into town a hotspot will open up at the venue. Fans within travelling distance of the gig (50 miles) will be able to unlock a series of content pieces that are delivered to them from their favourite music artist,” explained CEO Tom Nield in a post about the new feature. “Video messages delivered to fans that were planning to attend the show will be unlocked by fans, personalised to each tour date/city. Exclusive performances could be made available to fans on each date of the tour – this could incorporate footage from rehearsals, an acoustic performance or even a glimpse of an unreleased track that was on the draft setlist for the tour.” Digital merch and holographic performances are also in the plans. Nield is inviting artists to email him to find out more.

Written by: Stuart Dredge