Deezer launches ‘Stay at Home’ hub for housebound listeners


There have always been plenty of ‘concentration’ or ‘focus’ playlists for people trying to get some work done while streaming music. Given the current situation, expect ‘working from home’ to be a very popular sub-category in this area.

Deezer has just launched a whole channel called ‘Stay at Home‘, gathering playlists around themes like ‘The Great Indoors’, ‘Your Music Therapy’ and ‘Keep the Kids Upbeat’. It also spotlights the latest news and coronavirus-info podcasts, and – this was news to us – has a ‘Your News Fix 24/7’ shelf that lets Deezer listeners stream live radio stations live.

In the UK where Music Ally is based, the shelf includes talk stations BBC Radio 4, talkRadio and LBC UK. “We’ve adapted our product so that you can find the right content. It may be music, podcasts or radio shows,” said VP of content and productions Frédéric Antelme. We’ve been thinking about how music streaming competes with live radio during the current pandemic, so it’s interesting to see Deezer bringing the two together like this.

Stuart Dredge

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