Spotify’s Anchor makes remote, collaborative podcasting easier


“I know this time of self isolation is hard and scary for people but however bad you are feeling- please, please don’t consider starting your own podcast,” joked actor Nicola Coughlan last week – which made us giggle. But for people already making multi-host podcasts, self-isolation is presenting a challenge: if they’re not living together, they shouldn’t be getting together to record new episodes.

A new feature in Spotify’s Anchor podcast-making app might help, mind: ‘Record With Friends 2.0’. “Up to 4 people can join your podcast recording from any device, on desktop or mobile, with or without an Anchor account,” it explains.

“In order to join your recording, all your guest has to do is click an invitation link and type in their name.” If any artists out there are thinking of podcasting during the current pandemic, this may be a useful tool – especially if they want to invite guests or interviewees in.

Stuart Dredge

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