Apple Music adds in-app notifications for artists’ new releases


A new feature in Apple Music will make it easier for people to know when their favourite artists have new music out. It’ll involve ‘new release notifications’ at the top of the Library tab in the Apple Music app, showing new tracks and albums from artists that the listener has in their library.

9 to 5 Mac reported that Apple is popping up a prompt for people to turn the new feature on, but it can also be switched on from the ’Notifications’ section of the settings, accessed by tapping on your profile picture at the top of the For You screen.

Is there some not-so-subtle shade going on here towards Apple Music’s biggest rival? Spotify has been testing getting artists and labels to pay for its full-screen ‘marquee’ pop-ups telling listeners about new album releases. Now Apple Music is putting similar – if not pop-up full-screen – functionality in its app without charging for it. The company will be well aware that people will be making the obvious comparisons (although Spotify will argue that its Release Radar playlist at least fulfils the job for new tracks). Anyway, the main thing is that the new Apple Music feature is a good thing for listeners and artists alike.

Stuart Dredge

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  • Jared says:

    If you’re not an Apple Music user but still want to get notifications, I built to solve this problem for myself. Originally, I created it to find the cheapest place to buy albums online, but quickly realised I also wanted to know when my favourite artists were releasing new music. You can track your favourite artists and it will email you as soon as a new album is released 🙂

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