Some 11m people now subscribe to a premium music streaming service in Germany, a leap of 2m in a year, as the country slowly starts to shed its image as a digital music slow starter.

Dr. Florian Drücke, CEO of German recorded music body BVMI, revealed the subscription figures to Music Ally in our latest Country Profile, after BVMI figures found that the recorded music market in Germany grew by 8.2% in 2019 to €1.62bn, with streaming up 27%.

Drücke says that digital music streaming “has now gone mainstream in Germany”. We have 55% of overall turnover coming from streaming, more than half,” he adds. “We have very good traction.”

The BVMI’s music consumption stats, meanwhile, revealed that German music listeners streamed 107bn tracks in 2019 (a figure that doesn’t include video streams), up 34.5% on 2018 and almost double 2017’s figure. As for how high streaming numbers can go, Drücke says there is “still a good potential for growth” given Germany’s 80m+ population. “We are in an environment where there is a growing competition between streaming services,” he adds. “We see a wide variety of genres available on streaming services and this is compelling for users of all kinds and generations. So it’s not just young people streaming.”

Note, the interview was conducted before the most recent escalation of the coronavirus, which is why that’s touched on but not a bigger element of the piece.

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