Space is the place for new Big Beat Records campaign


Warner Music Group’s Big Beat Records label is preparing to release a new album called ‘Big Beat Ignition: Space’ on 3 April. The 10-track compilation has an intergalactic theme – “anyone else down for a space rave right now?” – and a creative marketing campaign drawing on data from NASA and the European Space Agency, as well as the platform of location-based marketing startup Landmrk.

Fans are invited to visit the Big Beat Ignition: Space website on their smartphones, and can then stream the album’s tracks, earning a ‘mission badge’ for each one customised using their location, the local weather, their distance from the International Space Station and even the distance they’ve travelled (via the movement of the earth) while listening to the song.

It’s a neat idea, not least because it shows how Landmrk’s platform can work without requiring people to be moving about much in the real world – handy during a global pandemic with shelter-in-place restrictions.

Written by: Stuart Dredge