Calm and Headspace lead list of top meditation apps in the US


Meditation apps is a space that we’ve been following for a while now, as more of those apps license music and form partnerships with the music industry in other ways. Given the current global situation, it should come as no surprise that mindfulness apps of all kinds are seeing a spike in downloads.

Analytics firm Sensor Tower has published its latest chart of meditation app downloads in the US, which may make interesting reading. It’s led by startup Calm, which Sensor Tower reckons was downloaded 958k times in the US in March. Headspace took second spot with an estimated 502k downloads. Both are familiar names to the music industry.

Calm appointed a dedicated head of music last autumn, and has worked directly with artists including Moby and Above & Beyond. Meanwhile, Headspace has offered a joint subscription with Spotify since late 2016.

The other thing to note about the meditation space is that even before the Covid-19 pandemic, funding was pouring into these companies. Headspace raised a $93m funding round in February this year, while Calm raised rounds of $88m and $27m in 2019.

Written by: Eamonn Forde