SoundCloud made several announcements yesterday, and alongside its financial support for creators, there was also the launch of a new ‘marketing and distribution engine’ called Repost by SoundCloud.

It’s a very interesting move for the streaming service: “professional marketing and monetization services and industry-leading distribution features, with priority chat support”.

In essence, it’s a pitch for SoundCloud to be an artist’s digital distributor, including taking their music to other DSPs and social platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok and Instagram, and with features to “pitch for playlists, set up pre-save campaigns, claim your content on YouTube, and pay collaborators simply”.

Artists joining the program will keep 100% of their SoundCloud royalties and 80% of those from other services. And there’s a higher tier, Repost Select, with access to “a team of experts working to accelerate your career at your direction, first access to premium promotional opportunities, prime placement on custom music services and radio stations, and top consideration for funding from our new $10m artist accelerator program”.

SoundCloud as AWAL, but with its streaming service built in? It’s a very interesting strategic shift for the company, although it’s not an entirely new one: since early last year, SoundCloud has been distributing music to other DSPs, via a partnership with Fuga.

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