Drake tapped dancing influencers for ‘Toosie Slide’ release


If you’ve been spotting Drake’s new track ‘Toosie Slide’ all over your socials in recent days, it’s no accident. Rolling Stone has a piece explaining how the artist enlisted some popular dancing influencers to promote the single.

Toosie, Hiii Key, Ayo & Teo (the latter are a duo) are the influencers in question, popular on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. They made a video for the track ahead of its release, as the article explains: “A new TikTok-ready dance in a sparse living room with a stationary ceiling fan. The voice instructing them to dance was immediately recognisable as Drake’s, and he was giving simple instructions: right foot up, left foot slide, right foot slide…” You can watch the final results here.

The influencers certainly appear to have a confident sense of their role for the music industry. “When people be trying to get TikTok-ers to do these dances to their songs, trying to get us, they emailing us their songs or trying to get us to do it — they know the power we got. They know that we control the youth and the culture…”

In separate ‘Toosie Slide’ news, streaming service Pandora found another way to ally Drake’s track with current digital culture: it made a series of custom backgrounds for video-chat app Zoom based on it.


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Stuart Dredge

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