The Rattle goes non-profit while Tileyard goes north


Two of London’s physical music-tech communities have announced plans for their future. The Rattle, which now has bases in London and Los Angeles to bring musicians, producers, music professionals and startups into the same community space, has announced that it is diverting 100% of its profits to help artists struggling with the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic. It says it will do this for at least three months, donating any profits to charity Help Musicians, while it has also invested in more technology to help its members – who’ll be social distancing at home – collaborate virtually.

Meanwhile, Tileyard London, the community of music firms and startups based near King’s Cross, has announced plans to open a second hub in Wakefield, in the north of England. It won’t just be a music hub: it’s setting its sights on attracting companies from the TV, film, design and other creative industries. The first building in Wakefield will open in September 2021, but the whole complex will officially open in 2023.


Image by Nejron Photo / Shutterstock

Eamonn Forde

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