StubHub faces class action lawsuit over coronavirus refunds


With a huge number of festivals and concerts postponed or cancelled entirely amid the coronavirus pandemic, event organisers and ticketing companies have been mulling their options. One solution is to offer customers ticket vouchers (for when events are rescheduled) rather than cash refunds, as a way to stay financially afloat during the current period of uncertainty.

Secondary ticketing site StubHub moved to a coupon-only approach in North America last week – offering buyers 120% of the value of their original purchase – although refunds remain its default policy in other parts of the world. Now it’s facing legal action with a class action suit filed in Wisconsin.

The lawsuit criticises StubHub’s previous policy of paying ticket sellers before events had happened “exposing themselves to the possibility that they would be left holding the bag (or have to ignore their own guarantee and cheat their customers) if an event was canceled and they could not promptly collect from sellers”. It’s a $5m class action lawsuit. StubHub has yet to comment publicly.

Written by: Eamonn Forde