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Do you want to upload amazing dancing videos to TikTok like The Young People do, but are hamstrung by a lack of dancing skills? Fear not: AI is coming to your rescue. Possibly.

Check out a new startup called Boogie, whose teaser website claims its technology will “generate deepfake dances with a single image” and thus that it is “using AI to democratize the social media fantasy”. How does it do that? The company’s profile on startups database AngelList has a bit more detail.

“We generate ‘social media avatars’ from a single selfie – like your own personal Lil’ Miquela! These realistic ‘digital doppelgangers’ can change clothes, travel the world, and try out the latest TikTok dances – the only limit is your imagination,” claims the San Francisco-based startup. “Each activity generates a viral video of your digital stunt double which you can post online.” As a tool for rhythm-challenged parents to troll their children on TikTok alone, there might be a business model here…

Image by Mehaniq / Shutterstock.com

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