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Music analytics firm Chartmetric has published the first of a planned trilogy of blog posts exploring Covid-19’s impact on music streaming – based on a deep dive into its data.

Among the takeaways in the first post: “Spotify listenership appears to be widening for classical, ambient, and children’s due to Covid-19. Spotify listenership is relatively unaffected for pop, country and dance during Covid-19, but country seems to be demonstrating the greatest resiliency. Spotify listenership appears to be narrowing for latin, rap, and rock during Covid-19, but potentially due to other factors and not necessarily a result of the global pandemic.”

This is all explained at length (with graphs) in the post, although Chartmetric is sensibly cautious about the potential to assume that correlation is causation in these initial trends. “Ultimately, the question of how dramatically Covid-19 has changed consumption behaviour in the music industry is extremely complicated and might not be revealed in full for many more months — or even years…”

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