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Dance artist Zedd has launched an official Twitch channel. It went live on Saturday with a stream of a 90-minute concert video from his Orbit World Tour. “I’m so excited to relive this show with everyone this weekend, and while so many of us are staying at home right now, I hope that this show will bring some fun to everyone’s Saturday night,” he said in a statement ahead of the stream.

However, Zedd’s channel is already about more than just music streams. In his Pop Off O’Clock livestream, he answered questions from fans, but also played Valorant. That’s a canny choice: it’s the new game from Riot Games, the maker of one of the biggest esports titles, League of Legends.

It’s been in closed beta with influencers (of which Zedd is clearly now one) getting early access to stream their sessions on Twitch. There’s five hours and 20 minutes of Zedd playing (well, sometimes watching) the game here if you have a slow day at work ahead…

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