Spotify launches ‘Daily Wellness’ music and podcasts playlist


Spotify unveiled its latest personalised playlist yesterday, although for now ‘Daily Wellness’ is only available in the US and UK. Like ‘Your Daily Drive’ which launched in June 2019, the new playlist blends music and podcasts, except the focus now is on helping listeners find “positivity, mindfulness, or peace” throughout the day.

Also new: ‘Daily Wellness’ will actually update twice a day: once in the morning (with a focus on motivation to kickstarter the listener’s day) and again in the evening (with an emphasis on winding down and relaxing). When Music Ally tested it last night, we got an eight-minute wind-down podcast to start, then a run of four songs chosen by Spotify’s algorithm, then an ‘Appreciation Meditation’ from Everyday Positivity, another run of songs and so on, for an hour and a half.

Also notable: the inclusion of short spoken introductions to the different phases: “Here’s your Daily Wellness for Tuesday… Up next: a few songs for you… Now let’s take a break from music to hear some talk” etc – you can hear those here, since they’ve had to be uploaded to the platform as an album. That’s an interesting step towards a more radio-like experience for Spotify listening.

In separate podcasting news, Spotify saw nearly 150k podcast episodes uploaded to its platform in March – 69% up on February, which may be a lockdown trend – while its next big original show will focus on the eye-watering topic of whether the CIA wrote the Scorpions’ 1990 megahit ‘Wind of Change’.

Written by: Stuart Dredge