ICE launches Licensr self-service tool for smaller DSPs


Pan-European licensing hub ICE has launched a new service called Licensr, which is aimed at “smaller online music services” who want to get licences quickly. It’s an online self-service tool where small DSPs and startups can pay for a licence covering ICE’s repertoire, with a process that the hub promises “requires no prior knowledge of music licensing”.

The first startup to take advantage is Exit Live, a service offering audio recordings of music concerts run by former Deezer and Spotify executive Pascal de Mul. ICE says that Licensr will offer mechanical and performing publishing rights for music, and that “typical services” that would use it are those with less than €250k of annual revenues, in areas including on-demand and interactive streaming, as well as music download stores. It’ll also work with “non-broadcaster services moving online in the current [Covid-19] climate” – streaming fitness classes and other live video services are cited as examples.

Written by: Stuart Dredge