Two new reports on smart speakers and voice assistants


More research firms have been putting out numbers on the market for smart speakers and voice assistants.

Juniper Research claims that by 2024 the number of devices with voice assistants in use will “overtake the world’s population” with more than 8.4bn devices – up from a predicted 4.2bn at the end of 2020. It sees big growth in voice assistant usage in cars and on TVs, in particular (although that may be because both will be starting from smaller bases).

Another company, Voicebot, has put out a report estimating that there were 87.7 million American adults using smart speakers as of January 2020, up 32% year-on-year, which would be 34.4% of the US population. It reckons Amazon accounts for 53% of the market and Google 30.9%, with Sonos on 4.7%, Apple on 2.8%, and other brands on 8.5%. Compare that to Voicebot’s estimates for a year ago, when its numbers were Amazon (61.1%); Google (23.9%); Sonos (2.2%); Apple (2.7%); and others (10.1%).


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Written by: Stuart Dredge