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The next album by The 1975 is due to be released later this month, but in the meantime they are returning to their self-titled debut album from 2013 with a Spotify listening party. What’s more, the band are using Spotify’s ‘Storylines’ feature for the campaign. That’s the feature we wrote about in May 2019, which enables artists to publish their stories and insights to be shown while people listen – an artist-driven equivalent of the Genius-powered ‘Behind the Lyrics’ cards on Spotify.

The 1975’s listening party kicks off today, with fans able to tap through the stories and facts about each track at their own pace. Note, there are two separate things here: the listening party is the band’s own thing, announced on Instagram earlier this week, getting fans to hit play on their first album at 7pm BST tonight and share the experience online – similar to (but not part of as far as we can tell) the nightly #TimsTwitterListeningParty playbacks that Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess has been hosting for a variety of artists.

The storyline cards on Spotify will be available in time for The 1975’s listening party, but – we assume – will live on the platform beyond tonight too.

The news does remind us, again, that western streaming services (unlike those in, say, China) don’t have any way to host this kind of event – a listening party where fans are chatting with the artists – on their own platforms. The chat has to take place on social networks.

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