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In many countries, nobody’s going out to karaoke venues for the time being, but that’s creating opportunities from digital karaoke services, from apps to YouTube channels. Sing King is one of the latter, with 7.2 million subscribers to its channel.

The channel has more than 2.3k video uploads of instrumental versions of songs, which have generated more than 3.6bn views so far, and currently do around 90m a month. Its version of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ has 69m views while John Legend’s ‘All of Me’ has 65m.

Before you ask, yes, Sing King has direct deals with music publishers, so royalties are being generated here: according to its latest press release it is “the only karaoke channel YouTube allows to operate due to licensing restrictions normally in place”. That press release is announcing a seed funding round of £550k from Angel Investment Network (AIN), a website that connects startups with angel investors.

Sing King says it will be using the funding to launch iOS and Android apps as well as a web version of its service. “Sing King’s revenues are starting to be very impressive,” noted AIN’s Xavier Ballester in a statement. “We will make karaoke more accessible than ever before – on mobile, TV and web,” promised Sing King’s CEO Jordan Gross.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

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