Over-55s are fastest growing group of UK music streamers


UK body ERA has published some new research showing that Brits aged 55 and over are the fastest-growing segment of music streamers. From its panel survey, ERA estimates that 2.3 million over-55s were using subscription music streaming services in February 2020 in the UK, almost double the 1.2 million figure a year before. That 90.2% increase – and yes, from a smaller base – far outpaced the increases across all other age groups.

The number of 45-54 year-old paying streamers grew by 29.5% to 2.6 million; for 35-44 year-olds the rise was 14.6% to 2.8 million; for 25-34 year-olds it was up 10% to 4.5 million; and then the number of under-25s paying for streaming grew by 6.8% to just over six million. To spare you the sums, that means the overall market grew by 18.5% to 18.2 million paid music streamers – more than a quarter of the UK population.

“Over-55 year olds are the new battleground in the streaming market,” said ERA CEO Kim Bayley. “Previously streaming services have very much been regarded as something for music’s traditional younger fanbase. These numbers show that 24/7 access to all the music you could wish for is also attractive to older music fans.”


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