Travis McCready and Marc Rebillet set for socially-distanced gigs


There’s plenty of uncertainty around when live concerts will resume in different parts of the world, but don’t forget the related question of what they’ll be like. Specifically: how will music concerts comply with whatever social distancing rules remain, as the lockdown eases. We’re getting some early hints in the US.

Artist Travis McCready will be playing a concert in Arkansas next week, with groups of fans positioned at least six feet apart in “fan pods” of 2-12 seats (i.e. for people who live together). Billboard notes that this means a significant cut in capacity for the 1,100-capacity venue: 229 seats will be available.

Another artist, Marc Rebillet (aka YouTuber ‘Loop Daddy’ is trying something different: drive-in concerts. He’ll be playing a series of drive-in movie theatres across the US from June, with short films instead of opening acts according to Pollstar. Fans will have to stay in their cars, but they’ll be able to buy food and merch.


Image by Gallks /

Written by: Stuart Dredge