Gracenote launches a new dataset of 35m podcast episodes


Spotify, Pandora, Deezer and other music services are thinking hard about how to make it easier for listeners to discover podcasts that they might like. Now tech firm Gracenote is launching something that could help: “a standardised and enriched dataset enabling powerful navigation, search and discovery of more than 35 million podcast episodes across all digital entertainment platforms”.

The idea being that it’ll help various companies and services – streaming firms, gadget makers and more – to “create personalised listening experiences” around podcasts.

Gracenote’s Greg Gentschev noted that “the sheer volume of content and lack of descriptive metadata and identifiers used to power search and discovery algorithms” has been a barrier to podcast discovery thus far.

The company is hoping that its dataset, based on more than 800k series – a decent chunk of the market: Spotify has more than 1m shows on its platform – will help.

While the likes of Spotify and Pandora are working on their own discovery technology for this, Gracenote’s launch will help other firms who have ambitions to keep pace with the big guns.


Image by David MG /

Written by: Stuart Dredge