Reveel launches music project-management platform in beta


Last October we reported on a startup called Reveel that was promising to help musicians to ensure they were credited correctly on all the songs they work on, through a ‘creator ID’ linked to each song or recording. Now Reveel has launched its actual platform (as opposed to just registrations for creator IDs) in beta.

“Reveel is a collaborative platform to manage your creative projects. Have everything in one place: your communication, audio files, creator credits & metadata, legal agreements, and more,” is the invitation to musicians – producers included. “Reveel helps you stay organized and ensures that you get recognition for your work. You need to be credited, to be found, to be paid.”

In a statement, co-founder Adrien Stern has been explaining the motivation behind Reveel. “It turns out that labels spend 15-20% of their resources collecting, verifying and clearing metadata – and yet,  over 75% of tracks have missing credits! Those statistics blew our minds, so we decided to tackle the issue,” he said. Session (formerly Auddly), Jammber and Sound Credit are among the other startups operating in this area.

Written by: Stuart Dredge