Audio streaming rates start to normalise under lockdown


Research firm Nielsen Music/MRC Data has been tracking the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on entertainment consumption, including music, in the US. The latest version of its report finds that music video streaming continues to rise.

Compared to normal weeks, it was up 2.4% in the week ending 26 March; up 6.3% in the week ending 2 April; and up 8.1% in the week ending 9 April.

What about audio streams though? They are still down overall, but the report suggests that they are starting to ‘normalise’: the decline was 9.4% in the week ending 26 March; 8% in the week ending 2 April; and 6.5% in the week ending 9 April.

In not-so-good news, however, the study continues to find considerable wariness about going to live events when lockdown eventually ends. In fact, fans’ nervousness is increasing slightly as time moves on. In the first report, 29% of respondents said they would consider going to a concert within a month of lockdown ending but in the latest report this was down to 23%.

Interest in virtual concerts has only grown slightly (35% saying they are likely to stream a concert compared to 34% two weeks earlier) but willingness to pay for these live streams is down (28% compared to 29%).

Written by: Stuart Dredge