Social video editing app Trash adds features for musicians


We reported on the launch of Trash last June: an AI-powered video editing app launched by Hannah Donovan, formerly of Vine and This Is My Jam. Then, in January this year, her pitch won the startup showcase section of the NY:LON Connect conference in New York, with Donovan explaining that Trash had been licensing music for use in the app.

Now, as part of its official launch, Trash is getting some features specifically for music artists who are using it to create their own videos. The features are bundled under the moniker ‘Trash for Artists‘, which enable musicians to add their tracks to Trash’s music catalogue, then create videos (“from promo clips to full-length music videos”) using them. Artists will also get analytics on how their music is being used in other people’s videos on Trash.

The startup has been beta-testing the features with 70 artists, and has added a ‘music videos’ channel to show off some of their work. “Artists can re-visualise back catalogue tracks, tease new ones, ask their fans to join in and collaborate – plus, we have so much more coming,” said Donovan.

Written by: Stuart Dredge