Spotify for Artists is now for their labels too


The Spotify for Artists dashboard is no longer just for artists. “We’re bringing artist teams, labels and distributors to Spotify for Artists so you can manage your profile, see and analyze your data and pitch to playlists, together,” announced the streaming service on Friday, in what it described as “an effort to empower artists, managers, and labels to work together as seamlessly as possible”.

There are clearly some sensitivities here, which Spotify appears to have scoped out in advance. Labels will only see data for recordings that they have the rights to, for example. There will also be the ability to add people to teams and set them as an Admin, Editor or Viewer, depending on the level of access they need (or are allowed) to the platform.

Previously, labels had used the Spotify Analytics dashboard, which was separate from Spotify for Artists. The switchover will be happening “over the coming months”.

Written by: Stuart Dredge