TikTok is not the only short-form video game in town and Triller has been snapping at its heels for some time, making a strong splash in the US and drawing in hip-hop acts in particular. Triller has now landed the exclusive on the video for ‘Come Back To Me’ by US singer/producer/model/YouTube personality Chantel Jeffries.

The video is made from fan-created content and edited together with AI technology. It plays out in real time where Jeffries and assorted friends connect and collaboratively create the video.

“The main goal Chantel and I always have is to create ‘first of its kind’ experiences while merging Chantel’s digital-first brand and audience with her music,” said her manager, Alexis Fleischer of Timeline Management. “The partnership with Triller highlights an innovative and forward-thinking mindset, bringing our vision to life while creating outbound traffic to partners for streaming music.”

It is not clear how long the video will stay a Triller exclusive, but the initial intention is clearly to kickstart some vital activity on the app with Triller creators posting videos around it. With some momentum behind it, the next stage will be to push it on YouTube.

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