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TikTok’s parent company ByteDance launched its own music streaming service, Resso, in India and Indonesia last year. We tested the beta version in December, ahead of its official launch in March this year. Now ByteDance is turning on the promotional afterburners for its new service in India – by leveraging its (very) big brother.

“TikTok usually shows the original soundtrack used in the clip in a ticker below. But now, it also includes a shortcut to Resso if the song is available on the music streaming app. If you tap on that, you will be redirected to Resso, where you can listen to the full song,” reported TheNextWeb this week. “What’s more, Resso, shows you the back button, so you can go right back to TikTok and resume watching videos.”

TikTok told the tech site that the feature is currently “in the beta testing phase”, but as a way of putting Resso in front of 200 million monthly active users in India – that’s TikTok’s estimated audience there – it’s a smart move.

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